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Policy Lab Clinical Trial Tool

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"Our goal at Policy Lab is to bridge the information gap between government sponsored clinical trials and patients, and are excited to assist in solving that problem via our clinical trial listings on our new website."

Policy Lab was created to help connect patients with high-quality clinical trials across the country. Our aim is to educate those interested in learning about clinical trials, as well as offer helpful information on various health topics.

Policy Lab has created informational guides and analysis on clinical trials through a variety of online mediums. Our goal is to be the leading resource for information on clinical trials for both patients and clinical professionals. In an effort to support this goal, we provide an array of educational services and resources from news and analysis to a large collection of trial listings in order to connect patients with providers.

The website has condition focused pages that will update automatically whenever a new clinical trial is available. The website also features international based clinical trials for individuals who do not reside within the United States. 




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