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10 Year Anniversary

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10 years ago I was half way through radiation at Loma Linda University Medical Center.  


Gleason was a 5+4.  Positive margins into the bladder neck area.  


It was mentioned I had a 50/50 chance of recurance.  I am still here!!


AUS 800 and all.


Life is Good!

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Hi Trew,

Congrats on your 10 year anniversary, hope for many more in your future.

Dave 3+4

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It is always good to hear success stories.  Keep up the good work!

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Success stories were an encouragement to me, too.  One can get through the trama of the moment, arrive at "safe ground" and then forget about the support that helped in crisis.


In the early days of treatment I did find a lot of support and encouragement here.  I would have forgotten about this anniversay but I was reading in my Bible last week and found note with date: "2nd week of radiation."  That was 10 yrs ago.  And that reminded me of this site.  At that time there were a group of us that all started posting about the same time, some that had been posting.  


I remember one poster in particular.  When he was dx his gleason was rather high.  He decided to do nothing and see if healthy living to take care of the problem.  His condtion turned for the worse and I am sure he is long gone now.  Prostate cancer does kill a lot people.  WE survivors have been through something, or came very close to something very serious.  My PSA never was very high- like 12 or something, but my cancer went from a 4+4 to a 5+ 4 in like 6 weeks.  Looking back, it was aggressive and moving out to other parts.  


And here I am, 10 years later!!  celebrate!!!

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Max Former Hodg...
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Fantastic outcome, Trew.  I am interested as to what form of radiation you received.  My guess is that it was IMRT, which is still today the most common.  Ten years out, it is extremely unlikely that you'll ever see PCa again.  Not impossible, but very unlikely.


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I had 10 proton treatments, and then 34 regular radiation. 

I had my first colonoscopy this summer.  The doctor had a terrible time getting the scope up the tubes.  She told she had to turn me into a few different positions.  Lots of scar tissue.  I'm not surprised about that.  Radiation is hard on the body.  

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I had my first post-radiation colonoscopy this past Spring, and I was not advised of any difficulty in navigating the tube and camera through my colon.  I quess that I was lucky in this one instance.

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Stay Strong. Sounds like you got a grip on this. HOLD ON... My OnX tells me that after 2 se3ssions of my second round Sorry, time to change to higher octane. Had the first round down so well could go back to work after 4 days. ( ugly,.. but there.)  Blessed with 2 yrs of  .... Psa 500    .... TEx ...  0   Blessed so hard, I got cocky. Radio  shots ... Every needle every where... But I knew the ***** would be back. Starting a new Taxatere next week. I know this may be minor compared, but it's got me really <Content removed by CSN Support Team>. Ya get a minite , rreally could use some false promises. In the mean time. Gentlemen, .. Stay Atrong ...





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Kudos ! That's the kind of story I like waving in my Onx doctors face. Fight on and stay strong .. M

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First Chemo was back in 2017. Urologist said PSA  556,  WHOA..  No ****. His actual words. Not comforting when your 58. testostorne  feeding the tumors so they say..so they got to go.   R.I.P.  BBoys  You got us into this ****, and you don't have much punch left.  ssssoooooo  bye bye. Taxatere 1 round Trying to play it so cool I pullrd my IV out. Twice. me and the wife playing cards. Bleesedwith no CIN Because a wonderful Dr. at west Clinic says " Moderate drinking reduces Chemo NX  AND the use of cannabanoids works well too.  So it's back to the diet of whiskey and weed. Thoughts..  ?

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I am very pleased for reading your posts again. Shall I say that I was missing them.

Congratulations for the Tenth anniversary. Your story was always intriguing to me for the RT combination of protons and photons, apart from the setting of an AMS used by a biker. Does it work?

Best wishes for continuing success.


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Vascoda, You have been around on this board for a long time.  You are one of the names  I remember when I was into the crisis part of treatment.  What a time that was!  

I have not yet found a bike seat that is compatible with my AUS.  The way bike seats are designed they put enough pressure on the AUS cuff to allow leakage.  Very discouraging. I'd like to ride a lot more than I do just because of leakage probelm.  I still backpack but sitting on hard ground can cause the same problem so I have to wear a pad every day, all the time when out backpacking. 


I take it has just part of life after PC.  



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Saw your post about bicycle.Amazaon has a couple without the horn.And one the same one on amazon is sold in Walmart,$19.00.I have that one,and another which consist of two butt cheek pads.I needed scooting up alot,to get it right,but it's doable.

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For me, the AMS 800 and biking were never a good mix.  I play a lot of pickleball now.  Less leaking with that activity.  Biking just puts too much sress on the bladder neck area which causes the leaking.  I am on my 3rd bike seat.  I need a big "fatman" type seat with lots of area I would guess and I haven't been able to find one yet.

I am alive, so I take what life has for me.  

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