Happy Dance

I went for my CT scan today and won’t meet with my doctor to discuss the results until  the 10th..I did get my CEA level back and it was at it’s lowest ever (2.1) I know for some it isn’t a good marker but for me it has been. When I was diagnosed, my CEA was in the 40’s and began to come down with chemo and dropped even lower after my surgery into a normal range. I pray it stays that way and that my CT scan is clear as well. Thank all of you for the support, prayers and good wishes. I am sending them right back up and out for all of you. I sure would like to close the book on cancer with the end of this year.. This February will mark the four year anniversary of losing my husband to this horrible disease and will mark the first year out from my liver and colon surgery. I know I will always keep a watch on the door but maybe, just maybe.....love, light and hugs to all of you...M


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    Happy Dance indeed


    Enjoy NED every single day until the 10th, and then forever after. 


  • Trubrit
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    So excited I hit the send button twice.




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    Trubrit said:

    So excited I hit the send button twice.




    Thank you!!!

    Hit that button 100 times.. lol.. I’m feeling pretty happy too!!.. thank you my friend!!

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    Congratulations on the low CEA.  What did the magic 8 ball used to say?  Something like, "all signs point to 'yes'".

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    You are right, it's time to do the happy dance.  I'm sure that the scan will be time for another happy dance.  So good to hear you are moving in the right direction.  Thanks for the awesome news.


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    I am SO happy for you!!! I'll be keeping everything mentally crossed for you till we get the results! Good luck, but I'm seriously hoping you won't need luck.

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    So delighted and happy for you!! CT will be NED I just know it!!

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    Go Mojo Go Mojo!!

    That is great news.

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    I am so happy for you, Mojo!!

    I am so happy for you, Mojo!!!  I will be looking for an update after the 10th.  Have a wonderful Christmas.  Much love and prayers to you!