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haven't been here in a while.  Lots of life changes going on.  Starting a new job next week and have been working on transitioning out of the old job.  Happy to share with you all that my latest round of scans 9 months post surgery are NED!  Doc is switching me to ultrasounds and chest x ray every 6 months instead of cat scans.  Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks so much for all the support you have given me!  I wish you all NEDs in the future!

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Congrats on both the new job and the scans! Keep it going!

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This is the day.  And Happy Halloween, too.



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Wonderful news. So happy for you. Now celebrate :)

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Canadian Sandy
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Happy for you!


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Love to hear ned news!

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Congrats, more NED news pls!

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I remember how things just seemed to really slow down when I was diagnosed.  It was such a strange experience; kind of a gentle blend of clarity and confusion.  I remember thinking how important all of the "little" things became.  In an eerie kind of way, I think this is one of the blessings of a cancer diagnosis.  Now that I'm three years out, I sometimes find myself falling into the trap of my pre-cancer life  The hustle and bustle, demands of work, not taking time for me....and us.  My wife is wonderful about reminding me to stop and smell the flowers--take advantage of moments.  This gentle reminder, that she is so gracious about, is the challenge we all face...balancing the demands around us with the incredible insight we've all gained.

Dominick--I want you to know we are celebrating with you and your NED status.  It's a moment worth taking advantage of.


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Exhale..whew! Glad to hear and your protocol is changing for the better!

And thanks for sharing with us! Gives many HOPE!

Healing hugs,


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I thank you for sharing such wonderful news.  

Prayers to you for many many more.




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another NED... May that continue to be one of the stable things within all those life changes. Take care Dominick!

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