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Question about CA125 result.  I just got back from my oncologist and my CA125 in March was 12 now today it is 16.  My dr wants to have a scan just to be sure we aren't missing anything since I have no symptoms and have been finished with chemo since March 2017.  I just had my port taken out today so now I am thinking I should have left it in.  I am really freaking out.  I don't feel anything different, no pain or any other issues besides occasional constipation from surgery and brachytherapy.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I think most of us were told that anything under 30 is good, but any change in the upward direction, understandably, concerns us.  Increases can be caused by an infection, not necessarily a reccurrence.  Did you have a visit with your onc and THEN had the port taken out, or you had the port taken out and followed up with your onc?  Again, an infection can cause an increase.

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I had a visit with my oncologist's PA then the port was taken out.  I have had allergies and my husband and I had a bug or something a couple weeks ago.  My PA asked if I had any pain at all and I don't.  I have felt good and still excercise and lift weights every day.

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Don't worry too much - CA125 is not always an indicator for this cancer.  Mine was checked twice, once after surgery and once during chemo.  It was 14 and 15, respectively.  My doctor said it wasn't a reliable marker for me and never checked it again.

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Thank you both for the responses.  That test always makes me a nervous wreck.  I'm praying it is just my allergies or because I am constantly working out maybe it's inflammation. 

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It never hurts to have an oncologist that is diligent about checking anything that seems even slightly off. And I have read that any increase is worth checking out. Prayers for good results! 

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Mmpeterson, sending prayers to u for good health!

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Thank you, prayers to you as well!

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I'm under the impression that inflammation can raise the Ca125.  So it is possible that just the procedure of having the port out could be responsible for the increase!

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Mine went from 3.8 in January 2018 to 6.9 in March 2019. My doctor did not make any comments about it. However, I am going to email him to ask if the increase is normal. I have also heard that CA125 is not a good marker for everyone.

God bless everyone!

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Mine has gone up by that amount and then come back down agaim. You have to remember that most values in the body vary from hour to hour and day to day, as well as from lab to lab (and many tests get subbed out, so it's not always done in house). But I understand worrying just a little until you get the next one back with a stable or lower value, I've been there. 

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That number always makes me nervous each time I go to my oncologist.  You just never know what may be the reason it goes up.  I have a CT scan tomorrow to see if anything is going on.

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