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Bile duct obstruction

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I came home early from my dream vacation to Prague because of symptoms I have been experiencing for three weeks which have progressively gotten worse. I was admitted to the hospital last night and found out I have a bile duct obstruction. Then I logged on to see what has been going on the past two weeks and was surprised to find out DerMaus just had surgery to put in a stent. I am waiting for some additional testing to see if this might be a possibility for me.

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Jan, I am sorry to hear your vacation gotten interupted.  Please keep us posted and I hope they can get help for you quickly.

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Jan, I'm so sorry to hear this! Yes I do have a bile duct stent. First they tried and internal rerouting but the tumor was in the way, so the next step was a external biliary bag fed by a tube coming out the side of the liver. It's on my right side, towards the upper half of the rib cage. The bag itself is no problem, maybe 6 x 8 at most, and it's lashed to my leg with a velcro strap. Very easy to clean, just wipe with alcohol then turn the knob and let it drain in the toilet. Recovery from the surgery has been pretty rough, though. IDK if that's from how compromised my system already was, or if it's because my liver didn't like having a stent punched in it. Probably some of both; but I've been exhausted beyond belief ever since I got home (2 weeks now). Praying and resting are my major activities. Hugs and prayers as you begin addressing this issue.

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Bobbi and Jan, I'm thinking of you both and wishing you comfort in every way. 

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Jan, I hope you can get some relief quickly. So glad to have this board for all of us to get first hand information on all of this stuff that seems to come out of nowhere.

Bobbi sure hope your strength starts building up at a faster rate. You sure have been through enough!

Love and Hugs,


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