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Mets to the bone, how do you know?

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So I am wondering what are the signs and symptoms for mets to the bone? What have any of you experienced first hand? 


I had my kidney removed back in November and since then had clear scans of chest and abdomen back in June. I have had some aches and pains in my Left shin, Left Thigh and Right hip. They aren't bad pain wise and I have been attributing them to exercised mainly but that nagging thought never completely goes away. What should I be looking for?

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Almost all my husbands bone mets were extremely painful.  Its nonstop discomfort.  It doesnt get better with positioning or time of day or using tylenol.   Its also possible to have abnormal blood calcium levels.   If you have worry about a specific site, they can start with a simple xray to ease your mind of worry.

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