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Maintenance completed

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Hi all, today was my last Rituxan Maintenance Treatment! Can't believe how fast the time has gone 2 plus years, really feeling blessed and just wanted to thank you all for helping me get thru the rough times I really appreciate you all more than you will ever know. I don't post much but sure do read this site quite often and your all really awesome! I did have my port removed about 4 months ago as it was inverted and infected, sure did miss it for the next few rounds. I wish you all the best....Lillian                                     I don't know where my photo went?

Max Former Hodg...
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Great news, Lillian.   I'm not sure what you mean by 'inverted,' but my port left a significant indention after removal, which is still there now ten years later; I call it my "Port Hole."   Not medically significant in any way.

Last year, CSN had a system crash, and a huge amount of information was lost, including many individual's photos.  It was NOT described as a 'hack', and reportedly did NOT involve breach of personal information.

Delightful to see your screen name here again for good and successful reasons,


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Thanks Max port was turned sideways so I was told inverted...Just happy to have it out, so far not much indentation will keep all updated after scans in December hopefully all will still be good and then only see Dr yearly...

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Hi Lillian,

   I'm so glad you are done. Smile I remember how happy I was when I finished my last maintenance Rituxan round.... the two years actually went pretty fast though. I opted to keep my power Port in for the next 6 years and went every month to get it flushed. I just had it removed last year. I was so fortunate with my port, as it never gave me any problems and I was so grateful to have it when I relapsed in 2016. I had to do a month of Rituxan. Get out there and enjoy whats left of the summer! I'll be thinking positive thoughts for a clear scan come December! Best wishes, Sue

FNHL-stage3-grade2-type A-diagnosed June 2010-in remission.

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Congratulations Lillian. I felt the same way - the time went fast. I kept my port for a year after.  Sometimes I do miss it. 

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