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Joined: May 2019

Imagine my surpise yesterday when I went to my dr appointment before chemo and my doc declared me NED!!!

Today is one year anniversary of my chemo treatments every two weeks and I am flabbergasted and grateful beyond words. I have earned (with blood sweat and tears) a two month break and we will go with the checks and scans and take it from there. What an amazing development and the timing is incredible. My daughter gets married in two weeks and I will feel two weeks better for the day ! They even sent me home with no treatment to my shock and surprise. I didn’t run out if there but did dance my way out lol(in my head)  the truth is I never cried so hard in my life as when I digested the words.... that I had shown a remarkable response to treatment and there was no evidence of disease At this time  

My thanks to this group for all I have read and all I have learned through your posts  good bad and ugly 

I also thank the god(s) and doctors, nurses, my children , my sisters and others that helped me to this point. 

It may may end up as only two months break but I feel like partying like it’s 1999!!!

Hahahahaha hakf kidding 

big hugs to all in this fight




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Joined: Mar 2019

to read your post. I can feel your overwhelming joy and plans for coming two months....and beyond!

I am very close to be in your situation,and hope to feel this joy the moment my surgeon declars me NED....just a few more steps!

Big hug and congratulation,BridgetSmile,


Steelkiwi686's picture
Posts: 70
Joined: May 2019

I hope you soon are able to experience the absolutely overwhelming feeling of joy and relief that goes along with hearing those magical words.  

Thank you for your reply 


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Joined: Apr 2017

Congratulations. That really is great news.  I hope you will have a significant celebration.  From my perspective, life is for living.

Steelkiwi686's picture
Posts: 70
Joined: May 2019

Thank you and I couldn’t agree more 

I appreciate your posts on this group

You look great and I am looking forward to belong able to stretch my wings a bit after this long period of near isolation.


Posts: 46
Joined: Aug 2019

That is so encouraging to read today, we well my husband is still in the beginning but hoping to hear those words some day. Thank you for sharing.

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Joined: Aug 2013

That's quite a response to chemo, and a wonderful gift on this anniversary of a tough year. Enjoy the heck out of it................................................Dave

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Joined: Feb 2016

Woohoo NED! Good for you! Now enjoy life. Congratulations on your daughters wedding! that will be a wonderful day!


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Canadian Sandy
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Joined: Jul 2016

The best news possible NED!!


Posts: 420
Joined: Apr 2018

So happy for you!

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Joined: Jun 2019

That's great news!!  So happy for you :)

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That is wonderful news.  You should celebrate as that is a big accomplishment.


Steelkiwi686's picture
Posts: 70
Joined: May 2019

Thank you everyone for the support.

I knew the group would understand what a relief it is, even if temporary.


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Joan M
Posts: 411
Joined: Oct 2016

So happy for you!


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