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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Don't even know where to start. . .

On July 31, just 3 days after my 67nd birthday, I received the news that I have DLBCL (a form of lymphoma).  I don't know much yet but I do have my appointment scheduled with an oncologist.  I'm waiting for my PET scan to be scheduled.  I just read some entries from some people who also have lymphoma and I really appreciate their sharing on this web site.  I've read up alot in the past 3 days about chemo, side effects, etc.  It will be 'interesting' to find out which side effects will hit me.  This all started with a fairly good sized lump on my cheek (lymph node or salivary gland) that developed quickly.  Now I also having swelling in the lymph nodes on my neck - it took only 2 days for those to grow.  The doctor who did the biopsy is an ENT but of course now I move on to the oncologist.  The ENT did tell me I'll probably have a rough 6 months ahead of me.  Right now my feelings include mostly shock with some fear of what is to soon come - but overall I feel ok - I'm strong and can take what life brings me but do wish it wasn't this.  Kind of like winning the wrong lottery.  I'm really thanking God for all the supportive family and friends that are in my life to help me through this!!!

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