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What is considered a round of chemo?

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My last oncologist once told me I needed 4 rounds of chemo. At the 4th infusion, I said this is the last one. He said no 4 rounds is 8 infusions. I thought one round equals the 14 days starting with the infusion day, ending with the day before next infusion. So what is a round of chemo, as far as y'all know and believe the expression to mean?

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To me, a round of chemo is one visit. 

How very odd. 

I will be interested to hear what others have to say. 


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A round of treatment is considered whatever length of time it is to complete a full infusion.  My complete round lasted 3 days.  One day of "in hospital" treatment with 3 chemo drugs by IV in bags, then take home pump that was hooked up to me for two more days.  Those 3 days completed one round of treatment.  Your doctor must have a different interpretation than what my doctor described to me.


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Interesting. So, it seems like I wasn't being stupid, and maybe my doctor was just trying to cover for not saying how many he really wanted me to do the first time.

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Sounds like fuzzy math to me.  I agree with the general definition of "round."  One course of treatment, usually followed by a break.

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I'm confused by this, also, and am never sure if I'm saying it the right way. 


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Puzzling the onc would say 8 infusion sessions equals 4 rounds.

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I actually have two infusions during every chemo cycle. One week I have FOLFIRI + Erbitux, and the following week is just Erbitux. The 14-day period is considered one cycle. Am currently trying to complete 12 cycles, which will be 24 infusion sessions.

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A round of chemo is generally considered the time it takes for a cycle of chemo that the manufacture suggests.  Sometimes it's just a few hours of infusions and that could be considered 1 round.  Sometimes the pill form of chemo needs to be taken 2 weeks on and 1 week off....then that 3 weeks would be considered 1 round.  Sometimes you have an infusion one day and come back a day or so afterwards to take a followup injection (procrit, lyrica, etc)...then that would be considered 1 round.

How many rounds left is also just an estimate.  It all depends on what the blood test and CT scan shows.  The oncologist would keep on adjusting it accordingly.


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