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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

He-Man not needed...

Ever girl dreams of her knight in shining armor on a white horse coming in to rescue her and carry her off to the castle in the clouds. When my knight is lying in a hospital bed, weak, sick and scared, its a huge emotional blow to this princess and a reality check. This reality check really stinks too. 

I have had a calm that I never knew I posseses this last week come to me, and I have my knight to thank for that. But, this morning, I am looking for He-Man. I can't describe how I am feeling this morning, because they are such deep feelings of hopelessness, fear and I have never felt this way before. 

 I am heading over to visit my knight today, and I'll have more clarity on the whole situation, and I'll understand which way to go from here. He-Man is not needed, because right now I am his twin sister She-Ra, and I can deal with whatever comes today.





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