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TT 2011 - Swollen lymph node on right under ear since 2013 [this is long]

I will try to make this as short as possible, I am currently waiting on the referral from my PCM to a new endo to go through because my last one skipped town out of nowhere. ANYONE WANT TO OFFER INSIGHT OR SIMILAR EXPERIENCE AND THEIR RESULT?


TT in 2011, no lymph nodes removed. 2.5cm cancer on right thyroid, multiple nodes so both sides removed. RAI after.

2013 I tell my endo I have a lymph node I want looked at. He feels around it, acknowledges it is swollen, schedules ultrasound. Ultrasound isn't performed until Dec 2014 due to insurance issue. The result [copy and pasted]:

The thyroid gland is surgically absent. A 0.2 AP x 0.6 TV x 1.3 CC cm lymph node is present within the right lateral neck soft tissues that demonstrates a normal morphologic appearance. No evidence of soft tissue mass.

2016 I get a new PCM because I am now divorced and had to start all over. 2017 I tell him about the nodule and PCM says "yeah it's probably just your teeth or something" and I tell him if he doesn't get me someone to look at it, I'll find someone who will. He refers me to ENT for CT scan march 2018 

The result [c&p]: 

1. 0.6 x 0.6 cm enhancing nodule is identified in the inferior aspect of the

right parotid gland which corresponds to the palpable abnormality.

Differential considerations are a small intraparotid lymph node or small

parotid gland tumor.

2. No evidence of cervical lymphadenopathy or evidence of an acute process

within the neck.


So, after that, he send me to an endocrinologist to see what she can find in an ultrasound. I go to the endo, which takes 5 months to schedule, in july 2018.

The endo intake appointment is the ultrasound. This is the result [c&p]: 


In the right upper neck, level II (inferior to right parotid gland), is a node

that measures 1 x 0.53 x 0.92 cm. This node appears to have internal

echogenic foci suspicious for calcifications and possible cystic degeneration

with posterior acoustic enhancement. This node is moderate to highly

suspicious for recurrent/persistent PTC. 

Multiple other nodes are seen in both sides of the neck, neither of which has

an overly suspicious appearance.  

Repeat neck ultrasound in 9 to 12 months.


So here I am, 12+ months later, trying to get into a NEW endocrinologist because the one that did that ^ ultrasound packed up her office and moved away, without notice. My PCM sent a referral and I called them today, they said "we didn't receive it" so I called the PCM and asked for it to be re-sent. Now I wait until Monday before anything can happen because the endo is closed.


What is everyone's opinion on the most recent result? I am worrying myself sick and the repeated delays aren't helping.