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breast cancer and scared

My name Joyce, my family has lost a lot of people to cancer. So getting told you have breast cancer over the phone, really knock you off your feet. My first reaction was to cry. I did for an hour. Then I went into fight mood. Now let me tell you how this journey started.

My dad has lung cancer and he fought it for 20 years. Watching him leave this world with so much pain hurt. Now I am in for the fight for my life. Never thought this was going to be my fight but the lord has other plans for me.

I get a lot of rising under my arm. Have been getting them many many years. The would get so big and not burst I would have to go to the hospital emergency room and get them lanced. I have had so many under my right arm, I had to have surgery to remove the core that was under that arm. This came about when under my right arm go so raw and sore I seek medical attention and this was the reason. So got threw that surgery about 3 maybe 4 years ago.

Now after this I only got raising under this arm ever now and then and they would come to a head and burst really easy. So I never thought about this matter again. 

Well now about a month ago, I felt a big knot under my right arm. Now you see why I was talking about my Right arm pit. Well this happen from time to time, and it will come out as a rising under my arm pit. I will let it come to a head and burst it.

I notice it never came out as a rising. I went to my doctor and he sent me over to get a mamagram done and a sonongram done. Well they saw a big huge knot, and set me up to have a biospy done. Went to my appointment and another sonongram was done and they saw three lumps. The doctor then did not do the biospy he set me up for another appointment about three days later at a hospital to do the biospy. 

Went to that appt and he did another sonogram and there where five of them. He did biospy of all five and sent off to be test for everything. Now this is where thing get intersting. Upon leaving from this appt. was told to call the doctor after five on monday to get my results. Now my biosoy was done on a friday. 

Monday came went to work, was hard trying to do my job and wonder what was going to be the outcome. Well i got off work at five, went to my car and call the doctor. He answer on the second ring. I said hello Doctor my name is------ ------- I was calling to get my test results. 

The doctor said we have not gotten the results back yet, but I want you to call me at 8 am so I can get the results. Well I then thought why I need to call you to tell you to call over and get test results. Don't you have a staff to do this. But I only thought this I never told the doctor this. I said ok I will call you at 8 am. The next morning came, got up and dress for work. Did not make it to work was so on edge on what was going on with me I call in to work . Well at 8 am I called the doctor. 

Doctor answered and said I am in traffic now will make it to the office at 8:30 call me back then. Well at 8:30 as I was about to call the doctor back his nurse call me and stated Doctor still in traffic and he ask that I call you. How can I help you. I stated I was calling to get my test results. Stated when the doctor make it in he will give you a call.

I waited for that call, 10 am passed 11 passed 12 passed. So at 1:30 I called the doctor cell phone. He stated we did get the test back and it look like it is going to be breast cancer. Not sure of the type I am having more test done but, I am pertty sure it is breast cancer in your limph nyphs. But don't get worried are stress out. Have more test done and call me tomorrow will know more. 

Well as you can guess I did call and was told no results. Said you are schedule to come in on 7-9-2019 and we will do more test like a pet scan. I should have all the test back then. Now don't stress out it going to be fine.

Well as I said early, did an hour of crying and then went into fight mode. I call cancer of america and spoke with a person and explain all I just explain now. Now when I mention pet scan he was like did he say pet scan are ct scan. I said again he said pet scan. He then stated yes you are right to get a second look at this. He took all ,my information and stated he will check with my insurance and call ,me on wed. 

I received the call and was told my insurance would not pay for me getting service out of stated this will put me out of network but they do work with a sister center in dallas. He connected me with them and i set up an appt for thursday 7-11-19. Well this is where I am at in this process now 

Will keep you update as thing move forward. But for now I am praying to god for a mirical and healing. 


Got my type and stage yesterday. I have triple neg breast cancer. No sign in my lymph node . Going tomorrow and get a second look with a new dr. Want to cover all base as for as diagnosis and treatment.  


we all support you in your journey!

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