3 year scans

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I just finished my 3-year scans today and got the "all clear" for another year.  Happy...you bet!!  CR---I know your scans are tomorrow, so I sent Uncle NED your way.  



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    Happy for you! Celebrate!


  • Angiebby75
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    Awesome news. My were delayed

    Awesome news. My were delayed but are next Monday I pray for the same good news. 

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    enjoy the moment...

  • Canadian Sandy
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    Good news stub!

    Good news stub!

  • Mighty Frog
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    What a Great News!

    Congratulation and time to a celebration! Keep it up Stub! NED forever...  Mine scan coming up next month....

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    Great ! Love this uncle soooo

    Great ! Love this uncle soooo much! :-)

  • Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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    Stub-I love to hear good news

    Stub-I love to hear good news-keep it up!!! JUNE

  • ChristineCD
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    Great news!

    I remember reading your bio when I started this involuntary journey and being hopeful for a good outcome for myself! Your posts are also so positive and helpful. Wishing you many more years of NED!

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    Glad to hear it my friend.

    Glad to hear it my friend.  June looks to be prime NED month.

  • CRashster
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    I'm good too! Like a 1000 pound weight lifted. Thanks for thinking of me!

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    Super great news! So happy

    Super great news! So happy for you. 

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    i wanted to come on  on Thursday to catch you before you went in but work was mad


     but Well done


    so happy for you



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    Excellent news for you stub! So glad to hear it.

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    Three years is only-

    rhe begining.





  • Congrats.


  • Angiebby75
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    Congrats awesome news

    Congrats awesome news

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    Very happy about your results

    Very happy about your results.   Makes my heart happy when those of us on here get that kind of news.    

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    Great news......super