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caregiver turns into a patient

I joined this site in October, 2018, just after we learned that my partner was now diagnosed with stage lV metastasized breast cancer.

She had stage 2 back in 2005 and we were told that she was cured with a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. Oh I wish she’d just gone flat back then.

We were going into the hospital for her brain follow up MRI in May, 2019. I decided to follow up on my pcp’s request for deeper testing on my headaches, fatigue and visual disturbances. The ER ended up also doing a brain MRI on me and found what they guessed was a low grade astrocytoma. Just the news we needed. /s/
The brain surgeon doc said it was large and invasive, obviously not a candidate for resection (which he did not say at the time.) The surgeon did NOT to do a needle biopsy at that time, but instead put me on steroids, which, of course, shrank what ever it was/is. The brain surgeon was going to do a needle biopsy June 11, took an MRI, put me under anesthesia, shaved part of my head and THEN looked at the MRI, which no longer showed the tumor. So no biopsy happened. As expected, the steroids shrunk whatever it was/is.

I brought Memorial Sloan Kettering in on this, since Richmond hospitals were looking pretty incompetent, and also a second opinion is always a good thing.
I am ‘rather’ annoyed that a biopsy was not performed when it should have been, at the original time of discovery, prior to steroid administration. Now, a month later, I am still undiagnosed, waiting for something to reappear so that lumbar puncture etc can be used for a diagnosis. Horrid limbo. Sure, I’d love it to be a ‘miracle,’ as everyone was saying on June 11. But I am doubting this is the case.

I have signed on with a new doc who seems terrific. But this is scary as heck. Especially with what is going on with my partner.

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