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Breast Cancer and Yoga Survey

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 9:45am
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online survey
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Hello, my name is M Velma Weitz DrNP.  I am a Nursing PhD student in the Doctoral Nursing Department at Drexel University in Philadelphia Pa.I am a breast cancer survivor who has felt that yoga has made an impact on my life and recovery.

I am looking for women to participate in an anonymous online survey to explore how other women feel about their survivorship with yoga. This study it is important to help women through breast cancer survivorship.

Please participate in this survey if you are a female breast cancer survivor over 18 years of age and have been out of active breast cancer treatment.

Research Objective

Women who have received the diagnosis of breast cancer have increased levels of perceived stress. This study will see if yoga can help decrease that stress and see how much participation in yoga will produce that effect. The study answers the important question about the impact of yoga on the lives of women with breast cancer.

Who is eligible?

You should be between ages 18 years and over, and post treatment for breast cancer.


What is involved?

You will be asked to complete an anonymous online survey with 41 questions. 

No Study Visits
About 10-15 minutes of your time

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Pre-screening survey for: Participation in yoga for breast cancer survivors
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Research study, clinical trial, focus group,etc (Requires IRB review and certification. See here for guidelines.)
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Marianne Velma Weitz
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M Velma
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267 359 5831
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