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No Regrets

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My profile pic is from an outing with my "boys" this past Friday to a beautiful park near my home. We hiked and then spent the day swimming at the base of a waterfall. I couldn't help but think how this moment would never have happened had I continued with mopup chemo. I would have been too sick and weak or worse yet, dealing with damage to my organs from the chemo. I also had an appointment with my family doctor this week who is setting me up with a local oncologist just to monitor me with bloodwork and scans so I don't have to travel back to SC unless it is for surgery. My bloodwork was great except for a slightly elevated alkaline phosphate level which is normal due to the healing from my liver surgery. My CEA count is still down. If I had continued the chemo with the state of my liver, it would have only caused damage which scares me to even think about. I am eating well and walking 3 miles per day. I was able to hike a few hills with my boys and enjoy an absolutely beautiful weekend. The memory of how sick I got from the first round of mopup chemo is reinforcement for my choice not to do anymore. I realize life can spin on a dime but I made the right choice for me. I am going to run with every good day I can and not look back. As always, wishing everyone strength and peace in their decisions dealing with this God awful diseas. Hugs, M

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I am glad that you are feeling stronger and are spending time out in nature and with your grandkids.  I wish you continued good health and happiness.

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Being outside is the best medicine for anything. There is an energy that just can't be explained. Although it wasn't a major hike. I did manage a hill or two, lol. Hope life is good for you as well!! Hugs, M

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Good for you!! I'm so glad you're having a good break and enjoying yourself! Quality over quantity and who knows if that's even a factor. There's no way to tell. Often the mop up chemo offers improvements so small it seems pointless. I'm so happy for you!


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Thanks Jan. I am looking at this as a permanent break with no return, lol. Who knows what the future holds for any of us? Hoping you are feeling well and considering some form of that garden you wanted. Happy Monday and hugs, M

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wish I could see a bigger version (wink). 

And all boys, what a treat. All energy and fun. 

I am so happy for you. 


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They keep me young and I dont' have time to think of anything but how I am going to keep up with them, lol. Bigger version coming your way!! Hugs, M

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to be able to spend this moments with your loved ones. So happy for you!

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Thank you. Spending those moments with the ones you love is what it is all about. Hope life is good for you as well...hugs, M

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My heart is smiling seeing this wonderful pic and that you are feeling so good! 

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Oh I do love a rambunctious boy! Have fun, make memories. Life is good!


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