Uterine lining

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Is 11.2 mm considered thick for 45 year old premenopausal?


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    Tricky question

    That's a tricky question because you still haven't gone through menopause and what's normal is going to vary depending on where you are during your cycle. Just prior to your period it's most likely going to be at its thickest. What you really need to ask yourself is how many of the risk factors for uterine cancer do you have?

    Family history

    overweight or obese

    Early onset menstruation

    Late onset menopause (i.e. the longer you menstruate over a lifetime, the greater your risk)

    Lynch Syndrome (diagnosed by genetic testing)

    Age (tends to occur after menopause)

    Diet and excersize (poor diet and sedentary life-style create body inflammation that can cause gene mutations)

    No pregnancies

    Never on "the pill" (can have a protective effect if you are on it for at least 5 years)

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome

    Having had endometrial hyperplasia in the past

    History of breast or ovarian cancer (especially if Tamoxifen was used)

    History of pelvic radiation to treat another cancer

    estrogen use after menopause