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Mri and pancreas lesion hmmm

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Make it brief ..already went for radiation treatment fir PC  which I regret ...anyway ...over a year later I find out that the MRI I had on 2/6/2018 showed a 5 mm lesion on my pancreas .still upset the dr didn’t tell me anything about this while I was deciding on treatment ..I just had a second mri done last week ..seeing a specialist ...no change in size still 5 mm...which is good ...I asked if there is any correlation between prostate cancer and the 5mm pancreatic tail cyst..the Stanford surgeon who ordered the original  MRI says it’s nothing to worry bout ..HE SAYS HE SEES THIS WEEKLY ON ALOT  OF MRIs ...hmmm..the specialist I am seeing at UCSF now is saying right now there is about a 3 % chance of this turning into anything ....the specialist also said that they do see this on mri as well that are done for the prostate ...I need to follow up with this yearly ...

my question is ALOT of men here had mri done on the prostate has anyone at all also had a lesion show up on their MRI ...they can’t take a biopsy because it is too small...she also said that men with PC that have lesions on their pancreas seem to do very well and. Have no problems with it ...makes me wonder ...if she is just trying to make me not worry..I think yearly is too long apart to keep an eye on .....what shitty luck ..

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An MRI is not 100% accurate in detecting malignancies but it manages, to a certain extent, distinguish cancerous tissues from benign ones. Its computer differentiates fluid cysts (benign) from solid tumours (probable cancerous). Surely we need to be vigilant with periodic exams and hope for the best. I believe that the radiologist doing the exam relies on such assumption in his/her report which comments will then be judged by the physician that has requested the exam. Other factors will be incorporated in the final conclusion, such as symptoms and blood tests. For instance, in the case of pancreatic cancer they will inquire/look for any aspect of Jaundice (yellowing of the eyes and skin), back or abdomen pain, weight loss, size of gallbladder and liver, etc. In any case, 5mm is too small to be certain that the lesion is composed of fluid or solid tissue. These sort of small sizes are most of the time not identified in CT scans and such a size may be the lower limit in detection by a MRI machine.

I was diagnosed with 1.5 cm cysts in my kidneys back in 1980 that now are 7 cm (protruding out from the kidney). In all exams done along the years these have been reported as sacs filled with fluid (benign). Doctors never tried to drain the cysts with a syringe because they would refill again and their location seems not being prejudicing the function of the kidney.

Hope for the best.


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just wondering if anyone else had such a lesion on their pancreas since they say they see it so much on prostate mri .

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My husband, had MRI prior to prostastectomy and the surgeon saw nothing unusual.  During surgery he did "see" unusual thickening of neck of bladder and did frozen sections that came back malignant.  Continued to remove until the margins were clear.  Also lymph nodes were clear during surgery last October.  Now, 6 months later the MRI of brain did show enhancements, but imaging of pancreas was ok.  After full PET scan, bone scans and CT Scans, his cancer has spread to brain, lymph nodes, liver and more tests are ordered.  Please keep us updated.  My husbands diagnosis is very rare.

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judt had another mri ..nothing has changed ..they said I shouldn’t worry about the lesion ..to pancreas ..to small to biopsy ..liver kidney stomach lymph nodes ok .they said my bladder neck is thickening as well due to BPH ..as for frozen section they do THat all the time to see if there is any C in the nerve bundle and if there is the take  the nerve bundle out and more tissue as well ...will be praying for your family ...

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