I'm still alive ,, with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer

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Dx'd Jan 2017 !!  did a round of docetaxtal ,, PSA from 550 to 76 --- PSA now at 17.6 after a year of zitiga !! I have many good days ,, all i have to say after a couple of years with the bandit is keep on truckin..


  • kidclutch
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    so glad to see an update from

    so glad to see an update from you! hope you have many more good days ahead. 

  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    It is very uplifting to hear from you, Chuckect.   Thanks !


  • eonore
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    Thank you

    Thank you for sharing this information.  It really helps to hear this.



  • Sw1218
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    wonderful!!!!!! i hope you contnue to beat this. it helps me. Cool