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Retrograde ejaculation

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I had surgery Feb 2019 

I had a partial prostate removal 

I know this might sound petty but I did not have any issue except retrograde ejaculation 

how long does it take to get use to 

the feeling is the same I just miss the end 

am I the only one that feels this way 

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As far as I know, a partial prostatectomy is not a usual treatment for prostate cancer. I believe that it is used to remove most of the prostate tissue to relieve  BPH symptoms.

Retrograde ejeculation can be caused by RP, or even by Flomax and perhaps otther drugs. Hopefully, someone who has experieinced a partial RP can lend their advice.


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Like AS, I would say that a partial prostectomy is extremely rare, almost unheard of today.  Actually, it has been very rare for over 30 years.   Are you sure the proceedure was not a TRUS ?

I had a few experiences with 'retrograde' not long before my RP.  Surgeon said the particular placement of the tumor was causing it.  And note: after a full ('radical') prostectomy, there is no ejaculation in either direction, since there is no fluid accumulated.  But, most men later can have orgasams, although 'dry.'

I would say that this is a SIGNIFICANT side-effect in your case, and you should speak with the doctor first opportunity.

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