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baldheaded diva
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Rhabdomyosarcoma, lets talk about this ugly CANCER!! In recovery since 01/2019.

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Hi! I'm 10 years in remission from alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma that was behind my eye. I still suffer some side effects from treatment to do with my eye and now echo scans are showing my heart is weakening from Doxyrubicin, but I have a very positive outlook overal. What's your story?

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I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma 12/6/2019 this also have me a spinal cord injury which is forcing me to use a wheelchair at the moment. I've had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and my doctor in now wanting to put me on a chemo pill (I'm still doing my research on this). 10 years remission is amazing I pray God gives me 10 plus years as I have a 3yr old I must see grow up. 

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