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Lympg node same size for 2 years, what to do?

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Hi, i remember the exact day the two lymph nodes popped up, i was attending my regular muay thai class, we was doing alot of kicking that night, i felt a very bad pain in the right side of my groin, i thought i had a small hernia, upon attending the doctors they told me it was a lymph node, It's been around 2 years now as it was october 2017, I've only just found out if a lymph node stays enlarged it could be lymphoma, so thats why im here to get your oppinions, i have no symptoms i feel great, just very very worried about this, i have one right next to it, one is 2cm or just over, second is just long and thin but 2cm, should i pursue this? Would lymphoma have grown alot by now? Should i wait until it gets bigger? I've seen around 7 doctors who all say its nothing to worry about, but surely without a biopsy they could be wrong? Like i said no symptoms what so ever, feel great.... im more worried about the possibility of a slow growing? But surely alot of growth would have happened over 2 years? Thanks 

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Good grief! If there are no other symptyoms and it is a single node, and if doctor is not concerned, just live with it and watch it. 2 cm is not huge, especially if it is a groin node. They are larger to begin with. You know that lymph nodes are not cancer detectors, right? I would live with it, but don't poke or prod it, as that can cause them to expand. 

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I first discovered my dlbcl by noticing an enlarged lyph node in the groin area.  I ignored it and within a few months my neck nodes enlarged and I was in stage 4.  Of course I did not go to the doctor until symptoms appeared.  I hope you investigate this node as to at least find out why it is reacting.


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Do not ignore this and insist on a biopsy. If nothing more it will give you peace of mind from knowing for sure what your situation is.

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