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What's your favorite Colostomy Bag?

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My partner recently had a total colectomy and is now trying to find the best colostomy bag.  He is mid thirties and thin, and found the Coloplast Sensura Mio 2-piece system to be too bulky and not sticking very well. He did like the velcro-fold up at the bottom though. 

Opinions welcome to help us find the best bag for comfort, lack of odor and minimizing visibility!

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I don't liek hte velcro at all- too messy- too hard for semi crippled hands to manipulate- much prefer the clip over the velcro- so i go with hollister- the seals do not stick well- tried all vrands- nothign seems to stick well- forced to use thin layer of stomahesive paste aroudn stoma- that allows me to get 1 day out of htem- that's it- courwse i have illiostomy which is muhc more liquid- so thaT  does nt help

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I use Coloplast Sensur Mio Convex with the Velcro (One piece).

I’ve tried other and these work best for me.

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My husband uses the Coloplast Sensur Mio Flex ostomy pouch.  It is a closed end bag that he just takes off and puts in zip lock bag and throws it out then puts on another and is good to go.  He could not stand trying to empy the other type bag as he would have to get down on a knee in front of commode.  Granted it does project a little as it is a two piece but the convience of changing the bag instead of empying is worth it for him.

Good luck

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I use the two piece closed bag setup. At first I had a problem with it not sticking well. It turned out that I was using adhesive remover and that was the problem. Now after I use the adhesive remover, I use a wet paper towel to clean it off . i also use a hair dryer quickly on the wafer after I put it on. It helps with sticking. I use the Eakins cohesive slims ring before the wafer. That also helps adhere to my body.

i can’t bother with emptying the bag. The consistency is too firm and makes it difficult. I just throw it away. I find that I change the bag every other day. 

I find that the soft wafer is less bulky than the ”hard” click on wafer. 

I’ve also learned that you may feel bulky is much less noticeable to other people.

good luck


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