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mucusy rectal discharge during whole pelvic radiation

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Well, now I'm really worried.  Today I had my 9th whole pelvic IMRT treatment.  My radiation oncologist said that he could administer a vaginal cuff boost via external beam, even though I asked if he could do the pelvic cuff via brachytherapy.  So I'm not having any vaginal irritation, but I am having small amounts of clear mucusy RECTAL discharge.  I'm really worried that the vaginal cuff boost is instead hitting my rectum.  I'm going to have to call him first thing tomorrow morning to discuss.  I really wanted them to do brachy for the vagina, and IMRT for the pelvic nodes, but he said it would be difficult to do the two combined.

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Do you have diarrhea from the radiation? I had IMRT as well and started with diarrhea pretty quickly. The irritation did cause a little mucous. I didn't have brachy either. No problems now except I have a small hemorrhoid which I didn't have before radiation.

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Well, that's reassuring.  Yes, I now have malodorous diarrhea too.  That didn't start until I think Monday.   I just spoke with the radiation oncologist.  He told me that the rectal area is more sensitive to radiation than the vagina and the urethra/bladder, and that's why I have noticed the clear mucus from the irritated rectal glands before I will notice vaginal/urethral/bladder symptoms.  He said that it's very difficult to do both brachy and IMRT because the overlap between the two will overexpose bowel near that area, thus increasing the risk.  He was very reassuring.  

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Zsazsa1 that is good to hear. I never did get any radiation but it is something in my tool box that they can use later if needed and if we can shrink down these beasts!! But good news for you that baryardgal doesn't have issues now. 

So glad we have this forum to talk to each other. It's the small things that are so bothersome and I get it that the medical team is looking at the bigger picture but quality of life is affected by these small inconveniences. 

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We who are going through all this, understand each other.  It helps not to feel so alone in this journey.  I vow that if I am a long term survivor, I will come back and post at regular intervals to give hope to others, the way that others give hope to me.

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The women on this forum have helped me navigate some really frustrating things that my care team hasn't necessarily been focused on. I am so grateful to be part of this special little group.

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I am always a bit hesitant as I am 1a, but UPSC, but only a few months after initial surgery, chemo, and brachy. I have had a very easy time relative to some, but because of others sharing their journeys with us I know what I am facing potentially. Maybe I will be one of the lucky ones, but maybe not. At least now I have been able to educate myself about the entire process by reading other's input, even though my treatment team has been great about patient education, etc.  Some things will never pertain to me but at least I know where I can come for an answer! 




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My radiologist also said she could get the job done with just external radiaion. UPSC 3B with a positive margin at the vaginal cuff. So far so good. I am a year and a half out from radiation and still occasionally experience the mucousy stuff.

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