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How long can NED be expected?

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I am writing this for someone. 

PET (Dec 2018)  showed complete response to carbo taxol after 3 cycles (stage 4B grade 2). Continued 3 more cycles. Second PET (April 2019) done after the total 6 cycles also showed Complete response. Can you ladies please tell how long NED can be expected?



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Hi Universe, 

Welcome! Glad to hear you had a complete response to the chemo!! Yay! As far as how long does it last....that's a hard question to answer because each person's cancer is unique and therefore it's difficult to say how long you will go without progression. 

In my case I also had a complete reponse after the chemo finished and it lasted until 4 months then I progressed. However please remember again each of us is so different and unique. Lots of ladies on here have been NED for years and years. So enjoy this time and live your life to the fullest and try not to worry about the future. 

All the best and keep us posted. xo

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I was also diagnosed Stage IVB, Grade 2.  I was scanned at the end of chemo and showed NED.  I had another scan a year later, and still NED.  I will be having a PET scan this October at the 2-year mark.  I'm so thankful!  *Note - my cancer was endometroid.

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On average, in advanced serous, NED lasts about 4.5 months, from what I've read.  The reason that Herceptin was approved was that it doubled the NED period to 9 months.  I don't know about endometrioid.

That being said, there are women on this board who had Stage 4 serous, who have had long lasting periods of NED after just chemo.  But we just recently lost someone who was Stage 4 endometrioid cancer, who had disease progression right through the chemo.  So everyone is different.


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Universe, no one has an "expiration date" stamped on them anywhere.  Everyone is different.

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