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stage 4 melastatic melanoma

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Hello my husband and i are new to the page, He was diagnosed in 2012 with an abnormal mole we had noticed change over a years time . we went in and the removed it pie cut and he was cleared. went in for his check ups and everything was great until 9 weeks ago. my husband noticed a lump a small one forming under his left armpit area when taking a shower . we made an appointment,  doctor looked and messed with it and said its just a cyst, if it becomes bothersome they can surgically remove it. we went home and within 4 days time it was the size of a nickel. so we made another appointment and she perscribed antibiotics and he took them  it started growing to the size of a 50cent peice in a matter of days. so we went to the doctor who had done his latest surgery in 2012 and he had us in for surgery and biopsy confirmed it was cancer. but then we had to do the pet scan and that revealed small masses but masses everywhere in his hip and all over including in his heart. they pulled us in to the room to tell my husband , my best friend , the father of our 7 children to just take time off work and hold us and get his financial stuff in order, because they had never seen it so bad and wasnt sure if he was going to wake up the following day. Thats The day We decided we cant except what just floored us. we have since started treatment at Ctca in Arizona and they have been amazing. they started targeted therapy with braftovi and mektovi  and we go back the 14th of this month( next week) to do a scan to find out whats going on inside . anyone had these meds ?  or simular stories KEEPING THE FAITH. SIDE EFFECTS HAVE BEEN constipation

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I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I have had BCC and the MOHS surgery but I have not had Melanoma. I just wanted to offer my support and prayers and please post back! It sounds like they are doing great things for him at the CTCA. :)

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