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Oxygen in a can

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Had a lobectomy via thoracotomy March 1st. Right middle lobe. Experiencing bouts of shortness of breathe. Dr says it's to be expected. Had a friend suggest maybe trying oxygen in a can that athletes sometimes use for a pick me up. Have yet to ask the MD if that would be ok. I have used it when I played soccer and ran cross country it was amazing. Has anyone tried this stuff before and if so did it help. I have anxiety so sometimes I make it worse unintentionally. Also on occasion I get a pain in the middle of my chest. Kinda sharp and goes away quick?? Typically if I over do it. Any advice Is appreciated.  Thank yah all for everything. I will consult MD on the pain as well. Sometimes I think I am asking them to any questions. I have come to realize. Cancer is not only a physical ailment but an emotional one as well. My wife has been so wonderful. I owe this woman so much. 

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