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Follow up colonoscopy

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I don't post on the board very often - I am 3 years after diagnosis and I finished treatment in September 2016.  I was originally diagnosed during a colonoscopy that I had postponed for several years until my symptom of bleeding started to increase.  I scheduled the procedure - the doctor found a tumor and I proceeded to have surgery followed by six months of chemotherapy (Folfox).  

In the time since then, I have ended a job, lost my insurance, retired and found new insurance.  Now I am on Medicare.  I knew that I really needed to have another colonoscopy but I kept putting it off again.  At least this time I didn't have any symptoms but for some reason I was scared to set up the appointment.

I did schedule it - went through the prep last night and early this morning.  Then I had the procedure early this afternoon and everything was clear!  And I don't have to come back for 5 years!

I got myself worried about nothing and of course if my doctor orders a CT Scan I will worry about that too.  





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This is easy to say, but not easy to do - let it go.  That worry is a drain on your life. 

We only live in the moment.  Worry is simply robbing from our future.  When the outcome is acceptable/non-threatening then we realize that we expended precious and non-recoverable energy by worrying over a "possibility."

Focus on the moment and embrace it.  Cancer and its treatment sucks, but that doesn't mean it can/should control our future.  None of know what what our future holds.

And for the record, I have also worried just like you.


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Clear Colonoscopy, that is wonderful news. 

If you have to have a scan, I dount there is anything that will stop you worrying. Just try to worry a little and not allot. 

Great to hear from you and get your update. 


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First congratulations on the awesome news that your colonoscopy turned out normal.  That is a good sign.  We worry because we don't know what lies ahead but that is very common.  My middle name is "worry" so I'm just worrying for myself and then anyone around me that is close to me.  Get those scans done and the scope done when they suggest and that will ease your mind.  Now it's 5 years so take a breath and savor that good news.


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Thanks to all of you that responded!  I admit I have been a compulsive worrier for many years, and have been on an antidepressant to control my panic attacks.  I am so glad that everything came out clear on the procedure since all I could think of getting ready for it was my first one.  The prep for that one was awful (I learned my lesson and ate lightly for a couple of days before) and of course I woke up to the doctor telling me that she had found a growth that she was almost certain was cancer.  This time the prep was better and the procedure itself was a breez

Once the weather gets better I will start spending more time outdoors.  That is my place to relax and heal!


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