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My Dad has Glioblastoma IV

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The day before Thanksgiving my Dad received a phone call saying that he has a brain tumor.  On December 14 we found out it was Glioblastoma IV, it is not operable, and it is attached to his brain stem.  I am struggling with it quite a bit.  I am a 27-yr-old single mom and I am broke.  I have already lost a girlfriend during this process, which I consider a mutual disconnect.  I have lashed out on other friends for solid reasons, but mostly overreaction on my part.


I guess my real question is what should I expect?  How long does someone who CAN"T get it operated on typically have?  He is 53, it isn't operable, and we don't know how long they are going to do the radiation... the Dr.'s mentioned cutting it short and reducing it from 30 to 20 radiation treatments.  They have increased his steroids from 3 to 4 and doubled his pain meds. Which i feel is a bad sign. 

He had to have an emergency surgery to get a blood clot stint put in due to a deep tissue thrombus clot in his leg. 

I have read all these horror stories of people losing their loved one before their battle even began.  Over a month has already passed by since his diagnosis and I am so scared my Dad isn't going to be here long.  He has been showing symptoms of the tumor since maybe April or May 2018.  The symptoms got really serious in August and September.  He has lost a large percentage of functioning on the left side of his body.  He became incontinent recently.  He is still walking though, but his arms and feet jerk and tremble really badly sometimes.


Is it normal to cry... daily?  I am trying to hard to be strong for my Dad, but I seriously can't bear the thought of life without him.  I just want to know how long I might have left with him.  He refuses to get a prognosis and it is tearing me up inside. 

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