"Beyond" worrying about so many tests.

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Well, Sort of.

In the past three months:

Mammogram-OK, Check off the list.

Vaccines-OK, Flue and 2 dose Shingrix.

Oncology labs & check up-OK, see me back in 6 months.

Colonscopy-OK, no polyps. No need to see Dr., he'll send a letter.

76th Birthday-OK.  The day after the last named test, so I got to enjoy a good dinner.

Next up:

PC appt. to check on the other meds, etc.

Scheduled for Cataract surgery for both eyes in April and May.


For once, all things came out NED. Hot damn!

Hang in there, everyone; I've made it to 13 years.  Hope you all do.




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    YAAY!! A woman who stays on

    YAAY!! A woman who stays on top of her health needs! PROACTIVE~

    Continued wellness, Donna!

    Hugs, Jan

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    Look at all we share. Kidney scans,, Colonoscopry and turning 76 this year, I will do the PSA stuff on my own.







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    Great news, Donna

    You put a smile on my face, Donna, with your post.  Thanks for sharing!


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    Inspiring kick-butt-ness. You're the best, Donna! 

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    I LOVE such posts! :-)

    I LOVE such posts! :-)

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    Nice Going

    Good to see you chalk up some wins.

    Keep it up, Fred

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    Good news!

    Good news!

  • MelBlessed
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    Great News!

    Here’s to continued NED!

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    That'a girl Donna!

    Love to hear from you and love the good news!

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    this made me smile.

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    Terrific news

    Terrific news

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    Great news, Donna. Happy

    Great news, Donna. Happy belated birthday!

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    Donna, you truly are an

    Donna, you truly are an inspiration to me and have been for 10 years.  Not only for sharing your cancer journey , but especially your positive attitude thru it all! Here's to many many many more years of NED results and celebratory dinners.  God bless and good health for us all.  Hugs.

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    You and Iceman

    deserve Knight hoods for your hard work and kindness you show so many people

    going to my best friends funeral tomorrow 

    keep moving

    they wont catch you

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    Congrats on the test results

    I'm doing a lot of the same except not turning 76 (yet). I'm a tad jealous of your cataract surgery. I've worn glasses for over 55 years and would love to get those lenses put in. I've got cataracts started, so it might not be too long of a wait. 

    Thirteen years is quite amazing! 


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    It read like a checklist on

    It read like a checklist on my 2011 Accord’s 90,000 mile service.

    looks like you’ve got anouther 90,000 under the hood!

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    Great news!

    You are inspiring, thanks.

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    This is awesome and inspiring to all.

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    You go girl!

    what a wonderful post! Congratulations on NED...here’s to many more!