6 months already!

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So, good news to report.  6 months have passed and CT of chest, abdomen, and pelvis show no specific evidence of recurrence or metastasis.  I have spent the past few days reflecting and wanted to share this.

I am advancing to annual CT scans.

It's crazy to think 6 months have passed.  With those six months came aches and pains which created on and off anxiety and insecurity.  

Another chapter of the book begins.

Thank you all.



  • eug91
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    Congrats, Bart! Keep it going! 

  • icemantoo
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    With your pathology

    I see all NED's on the horizen.






  • APny
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    Great news! Very happy for

    Great news! Very happy for you.

  • Retcenturion
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    Thank you for sharing the good news. May you have many more.

  • Steph85
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    Congrats on your NED! Your

    Congrats on your NED! Your right, the first 6 months are full of anxiety and aches and pain. It all gets easier to deal with. Take care of yourself! 


  • Sunono
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    BED for the foreseeable

    BED for the foreseeable future!!! Keep the faith!

  • LanceHeal
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    Congrats!  It’s always awesome to hear of another clear scan. Gives us newbies hope. 

  • Dominick0711
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    Congrats Bart that is really

    Congrats Bart that is really great news!  Keep it up!  I am headed for the same scans this coming week and hoping for the same outcome!

  • Deanie0916
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    Great news!

    Thanks for sharing, it is encouraging for all of us.

  • JerzyGrrl
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    Congrats on the good news and graduating to once a year!