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Off topic share. Alash - Tuvan Throat Singers

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Last night, my husband and I went to see Alash - Tuvan Throat singers.  WOW! WOW! WOW!

We live in a tiny rural deset town, and this was so totally unexpected and absolutely fantastic. 

Just saying, if you ever see that they are performing in your area, go. 

As I post this, I am remembering Pepe, a former member who passed away.  He would post 'what are you doing this weekend' threads.

A nice break from all of the Cancer stuff. 

Alash - Tuvan Throat Singers

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I remember Pepe, had that funny avatar. For a long time, I'd make plans and ignore half of them, partially from lack of will, some from counting steps on these worn out pegs of mine, but my game has been picking up lately. I've done the local pow-wow at the rez and it's quite interesting, but the second time around, bird songs, drum circles, and grand processions have a certain sameness. It's nice to see the folks there doing so well, and the buffet at the casino is terrific. This weekend is the Nascar race in Fontana. Cindy and I used to watch and attend then, because it was a cheap thing to do. Now every guy I've known who retires, starts watching Nascar, gets tattoos and a Harley, and buys a towable toy barn with ATV's for offroading. It's like retirement comes with it's own rat race to run, LOL. I get talked into things and it's fun, like these races, but I really wish I still could hike like you and your canyon, the Grand Canyon, these mountains around me. Maybe I'll start pushing for the ankle replacements, but I'm so mentally tired of surgery and hospitalizations so it's going to take a lot of wanting to make it happen. One thing is true, after all this, I'm open to any new experience, life is too brief to not try things, so I'll keep reaching, as I know you do. Send those singers this way, Tru................................................................Dave

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Saw the title of this post and my first thought was is this some new chemo drug or med lol? Amazing they came to your little corner of the world! Send them down here to Arizona!

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So glad that you got a nice night out and some great entertainment.  Awww Pepe he was a wonderful soul.  Always trying to get the members to think of something else and just concerned about others.  He always commented about the huge turkey we made for Thanksgiving because his oven was so small it would never fit.  Hope that the place you went last night will bring some more local talent to your part of the city. 


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That's cool! And good for you two for going out and doing something! I'm at the point now ehere I can enjoy life more and I'm so looking forward to doing things. My uncle's 93rd birthday is this Friday so I'll be there for that. Mine is coming up in a few weeks and maybe we'll be able to do something then. Maybe just dinner at the local retaurant where I get mine for free on my birthday.

Dave, you're right about life being too short not to get out and do things. I think that's one of the main reasons I got so depressed in the fall. It's nice to be alive but lying in bed and being so weak isn't very much of a life. I'm looking forward to the next 6 months not being in chemo and enjoying the summer when we finally get one.


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is your birthday, Jan?  You know it means we celabrate here on the froum. 


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