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Still NED but---

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Had my Kidney US last week and saw URO today. Same small sub cm cyst in other kidney wh1ch they have been watching for years. Officially NED for almost 17 years.


But PSA is higher and retest in 90 days. Then maybe Prostate biopssy. Trying to get discharged from URO.





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Bay Area Guy
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My dad, who never was diagnosed with any kind of cancer, had an elevated PSA level from about 65 years of age on.  He was referred to a urologist and various tests were done,  it did show an enlarged prostate.  As he got older, he did have an episode or two of difficulty urinating, but those passed (pardon the pun) with some medication and, once, with a catheter.  He passed away at 90, and the stated cause was complications from COPD, but the real reason, in my opinion, is that my mom passed away the year before and he missed her terribly.  I don’t think it was a coincidence that he passed away the night before what would have been her birthday.  I think he just wanted to be with her again.

Congrats on another year of NED, ice.  May you have many more, and continue with your cheesy humor (that I love) and continue being an inspiration to everyone on this board.

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Congrats Iceman! Good luck with the PSA! 

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Congrats on the NED!!!

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icemantoo, your 17 years NED gives me great hope! And your comments always give me an opportunity to laugh! So happy you are NED!  Best of luck with the retest in 90 days, I'm hoping no biopsy for you!

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Keep it up-we need you here-June

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Somewhat ironic, but success in defeating cancer (well, I mean our cancer, RCC) is that there will then be something else that takes us out eventually.

Prostate is being managed very well these days as I expect you already know, and they say most men die with it (as your father may have done), not from it.

And this might open up a whole new community on the Prostate survivors discussion board who can then benefit from your wisdom and wit.

Hope it all goes away, but life goes on.

Best wishes, Fred

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Bay Area Guy
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In regard to my dad, that’s exactly what his urologist told him.....you’ll die with prostate cancer, but not from it.

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NED! Here's to at least another 17 years! 

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats on your Ned status!


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Congrats on NED, and good luck with PSA thing! 

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That is fantastic.   Keep it up.   Gives me lots of long term goals.

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Great news, Iceman, and good luck with the PSA!

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Congrats, Iceman.  I'm hoping for a good report within a couple of weeks.


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Great News; congrats. Continued great health and wishing you well.

God Bless. 

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Let's celebrate YOU, Iceman!! Look at ALL you bring us at this forum. 

AND you offer us HOPE as you are Kidney cancer free for 17 friggin years!!

So now its time to practice what Fox always said, NOt to worry, life is too precious.

Sending you healing hugs,


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Very happy for you! Happy dance time!

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Thank you for sharing Iceman.  You do so much for all of us here. Wishing you many more good reports.

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Congrats on NED and good luck with the prostrate.

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You continue to set the standard, Iceman.  Keep us posted on your recheck on your PSA numbers.


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Congrats on the NED icemantoo! You are an inspiration to us all.

Take care,


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Mighty Frog
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Congratulation Iceman! and NED forever.....

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Wonderful news for you Iceman.  Prayers that NED continue.


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Congrats Iceman, 17 years! Time flies isn't it!

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hereth to stay. Congrats 

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Congratulations to you what an beautiful blessing to share with this forum.

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I hope everything goes well with the PSA stuff. 

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You are a blessing and an inspiration for all of us here in this club!

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Dear Iceman,

  Please ask your urologist about you getting a 4K test before doing a prostate biopsy. It is a fairly new blood test that is said to be extremely accurate (more so than a biopsy) for detecting prostate cancer.

  Good luck with all to follow and major congrats on the NED!!


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Had the 4K instead of a biopsy 2  years ago. Low risk per 4K but PSA keeps climbing.





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Here's to many more!!!

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Congrats on your Ned status!! wonderful news for you Iceman

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On the 17 years hanging out with Uncle Ned. It's the other stuff that tries to drive us crazy. Good thoughts for your follow up appointment, Iceman.

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On 17 years NED! Hope that the psa levels resolve.

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Dear Iceman-There is an incredibly accurate new blood test for aggressive cancer. It is called the 4K test -that can help avoid a biopsy. Also an MRI is another indicator if its just an enlarged prostate causing the elevation. Two specialists told my hubby not to even get the PSA taken as it causes undue worry, and that it goes up and down for many reasons (including constipation, having sex not too long before the test, etc).
  Avoid having a biopsy if at all possible because it can cause a slew of possible problems-check it out on the net. And if you do ask your dr. for an antibiotic a few weeks in advance.

Hope this info helps..


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Hey Iceman

what is the size of the lesion in your kidney they are observing?

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Joined: Jan 2010

9mm, Doc really isn'i worried/ It has been there for years/





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That’s nothing...9mm and not growing!!

Mine is 2.7 cm and maybe waiting won’t be recommended 

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May NED keep visiting you every year and good luck with PSA

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Skagway Jack
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Iceman,   Good for you, and here's hoping that the PSA elevation is temporary.  Im sure manymore NEDs coming your way.


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Congrats AND good luck!  Keep us updated!

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Congrats and may long it continue. Are these annual ultrasounds part of an active surveillance plan recommended by your surgeon/oncologist or are you doing it for personal reasons? I'm curious to know at what point do doctors release you if they do not see a sign of remission. 

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I probably would have been released, but for the cyst on the other Kidney. On second Uro because I moved To Florida 4 years ago.. Wants to change to 2 year scans. Still 6 months on PSA.  Its like a 1 stop shop.





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Dear Iceman, congratulation for your 17th NED, which gives me more hope and confidence fighting for life. Good luck with the PSA!

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