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As what i have said in my post... Small streak of blood mixed with mucus in my stool was caused by radiation proctitis. Doctor said i am going to take sulcrafate iselpin through enema. 

Now the problem is i have wasted 7 tabs of iselpin because everytime i pump it into my butt, i will immediately defecate it. Even if i already have my bm before pumping the medicine. I tried hard enough to hold it a little longer, i just can't because of stomach cramps. I am sweating a lot everytime i tried to hold it and sometimes it will just go out on its own. 


Does anyone have the same situation as i have? How did you push through so that the medicine will stay atleast 30 minutes inside your rectum?

Thank u








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I honestly don't think that is physcially possible. I can say that when I have had to do enemas, laying on the bathroom floor in the fetal position on my left side is eaiser than doing them in the downward dog position. Deep breathing (smell the roses, blow out the birthday candles) helps as you administer them as well. There are several tips online from those that do coffee enemas. But 30 minutes really? I have never heard of anyone trying to keep an enema in that long. Call your doctors office and see if you can hold it for less time and doing another later would still be effecive. Good luck Love, I know this isn't easy for you. Hugs!!! 

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