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Gee wiz, could you keep us waiting any longer?!?!

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So last Friday my hubby had his tumor mapping to see if he was definitely a candidate for the Thermaspheres. What a horrible day that was all around. Waiting for him to get through it I was a train wreck. I took a lot of long walks, witnessed a bunch of thugs talking smack to the police when a young friend of theirs was killed in a street fight. I even was a "vandal" at least that's what I read on FB with some yo-yo's rant. Sorry the jerk parked so close to my truck that I could not walk in between the vehicles. My rear isn't that wide, but I had to crawl through the other side of my truck in order to get in. When I finally got behind the steering wheel I snapped and dumped my then cold macchiato all over their car in utter contempt. Didn't they know that they parked like a monkeys behind? I was so flustered because when I asked "well is he a candidate or not" in the recovery room, the nurse said the doctor will tell us next week....Wait more waiting????

Fast forward through to a long week of pacing the floor, nail biting, sleeplessness and here we are today. The call came in and...........HE CAN PROCEED!!! Yeah I am so elated that the dye did not leak into the healthy parts of his liver or off into is lungs. The scan did not light up like a Christmas tree all over so they can continue! (As I glance at my tree that has been up for almost 2 weeks without a single light or decoration, hmm did the kids water it?).

Why is it that they keep patients waiting so long? Why must these people add to the stress? I am sure if it was the doctors loved ones the results would have been in same day not almost a week later! Now we wait again until the 17th for the first phase of the beads! Liver bling is what I now call them, too bad that they are radioactive otherwise I would have a ring made from any leftovers. I guess as we wait I should bring down all the decorations and get our tree done. Jim will go to our condo this weekend and get it ready for our snowbird tenants. I love these people, we rented to the same couple last year and they were the first we had that didn't nag us about everything! It's amazing that some tenants in the past have called us in the middle of the night to change a lightbulb! Seriously they are there for you change them yourself people, I am not driving an hour and a half to screw one in and having some Polish in me...I find it offensive that they asked!!! Oh I am going to miss my oceanfront condo, my zen, so I shall "wait" for the next 3 months to pass so I can go back again.

Now what else can we do to make the wait go by? Oh yes research the new oncologist he has! I didn't tell you his is out of the office until at least February we don't know exactly what happened all we know is she was in emergency surgery the other day and nearly died on the table! Who knows why or what for but I do pray for her sake that nobody has kept her waiting.......

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i gave agree 100% with you, honestly the waiting is the worst part. Even hearing bad news is not as difficult as waiting especially when you know the news is probably not good, you just want to know and start a plan. 

Go decorate the tree and try and enjoy some peace for a little bit! I know easier said than done!

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Sometimes it seems like the medical system is designed for the providers, not the consumers.  Your frustration is justified, but at least there is good news and the hope for a better future.

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The hospital in Virginia that diagnosed me and did my hemicolectomy would post all lab tests and imaging studies the same or next day. The local little hospital here in Arizona has a patient portal but no one posts anything to it... does your hospital have a patient portal on the net?  So very glad that he got good news and is pushing ahead to NED!!!!

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