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colon cancer

I have heard alot about the after surgery effects, and wonder if surgery is needed, after chemo and radiation.  A holistic practicioner said to internally cure any residual cancer cells by using hemp oil or taheebo tea. Testimonials are very favorable after hemp oil, and/or taheebo tea.  It is well worth the try. 



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AFAIK surgery is typically the first line treatment, then chemo and/or rad, unless the primary tumor is so massive that it requires debulking first.

Alternative cures rarely work out well for anyone.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer this past July,  I had a colon resection that went extremely well, in fact, easy.  I have no long term effects from the sugery and feel relieved that they got it all.  After 4 rounds of chemo and three months later, I had a liver resection to remove the liver mets that were not visible inititlally.  There is an ugly scar from the liver sugery, but the doctors at MD Anderson tell me that I now have a 70 percent chance to be cured.  The chemo does not cure you.  If surgery is an option for you, you should have it.

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