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Endometrial Clear Cell Carcinoma

In the fall of 2017, I noticed spotting.  I am 69 years of age and had been in menopause for 14 years.  I contacted a reputable hospital in Baltimore to see what might be causing this.  They steered me to the Gynecological Oncology Center for an evaluation.  I was seen and the physician recomended a d&c.  The d&c was performed and he said "well there is no cancer, but if you start bleeding again, you'll need a hysterectomy.  I guess I was so happy that there was no cancer, i didn't ask the questions I should have.  6 months later, the bleeding started again.  I contacted the doctor and he recommended a complete and total hysterectomy which was perfomed.  At the follow-up 3 weeks later, he informed me that they found cancer and that it was aggressive.  I was stunned and he also seemed surprised at the diagnosis.

I felt at that point I needed to see my records to see how this could be.  I requested my medical records especially the d&c report and the hysterectomy report.  The d&c report stated no cancer, no hyperplasia but did note metaplasia which is a term I had never heard of.  After looking it up it says that it means cells are changing.  The doctor never discussed this with me.  I learned after my own research that the kind of cancer I have which is clear cell carcinoma does not form from hyperplasia.  its directly related to atrophy of the uterus. Metaplasia in my case because of my spotting, age and weight should have been considered a precancerous condidtion.    My cancer was at 50% myometrial invasion and invasion of the lympho-vascular system.  Because the physician, who is supposed to be a highly regarded Oncologist and surgeon did not remove the lymph nodes, no staging has been done as a result.  He is recommending radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  I am sheepish about both but understand the gravity of the diagnosis.

I had a pet-ct scan recently that showed no sign of malignancy, but the physician warned me that cancer can still be present in spite of a promising Pet-CT scan.  I am considering getting a second opinion before going through with the radfiation and chemotherapy.


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Candy, I am sorry to hear this.  It sounds like you need a DIFFERENT gyn onc helping you.  Also, I would suggest visiting the Uterine chat board under "Discussion Boards" and you will find many ladies fighting the beast.  

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