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Lobectomy- rib pain?

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I had my right, lower lob removed at the end of February 2018. I have been experiencing the typical nerve pain that I have read most people have. However, my front lower ribs have been hurting pretty much ever since my surgery. Recently, I have been going to physical therapy and she has been working on moving my ribs back into place. She said they seemed to be moved and not sitting correctly. I was wondering is others have had this issue. I have searched the internet, but can't seem to find anything about rib pain after a lobectomy. I didn't have VATS so I have a pretty long scar and was in the hospital for about a week. My nerve pain is getting much better, but the rib situation is making me crazy. I was so tender to the touch that my physical therapist asked me if I was sure I hadn't fallen on them or something. I can't lift anything heavy on my right side because it irritates my ribs. Anyway, I was just wondering if others have had this experience and what they did about it. Physical therapy does seem to be helping. 

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Hello Harper4K. I read with great interest your post.  I had a right lower robotic lobectomy 6 months ago (incision under the right breast, long incision on my back at the rib cage, and several smaller incisions on my back.) I  am experiencing the same pain as you described.The numbness on my right side has improved some, but with that improvement has come an increased amount of nerve pain.  I also have a continual sense of a tight restrictive sensation under the breast similar to having on a bra that is much too tight.  i am hoping for improvement and am interested in the physcical therepy you also mentioned.  I think I will ask my oncologist about this.  Hope your pain soon improves.

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