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Carob molasses health benefit.

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Protection Against Cancer

Carob may help prevent some types of cancer, according to German researchers who published a study in the journal "Food and Chemical Toxicology" in 2003. After examining carob fiber, they found 24 polyphenol compounds, 26 percent of which were flavonoids, plant-based compounds with powerful antioxidant properties. It also contained a significant amount of the antioxidant compounds myricetin and quercetin. The researchers believe that carob fiber's high content of these phenolic antioxidant substances may give it cancer-preventing properties.


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Interesting.  Thanks for posting.

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Meh!   The study showed carob FIBER has similar anti-oxidants as cocoa, cinnamon, coffee, and such.  The flavanoids are similar to those found in blueberries, rosemary, thyme, ... but at rather low levels. That isn't a surprise.  You can get a similar set of gallotannin phenolics from tea.

Carob MOLASSES is not carob FIBER so you shouldn't expect these anti-oxidants to be present at all.  Once again the 'processing' is likely to destroy most of the value.   I don't know about the production of carob molasses, but conventional cane molasses removed most of the phenolic compounds.


Yes anti-oxidants are generally a good thing to consume, but you body produces super oxide dimutase enzyme - it's main anti-oxidant.   We likely need more b/c of bad diets that inclde processed foods loaded with things like oxidized/rancid poly-unstaturated fats.


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One thing for sure is carob mollasses prevents cough. My son stopped coughing after taking it regularly in the morning on empty stomack. before we were tired taking antibiotics which didnt help and cough came back. Since he takes it he does not cough. Some people I know who had anemia used carob regularly in their diet and it helped them enormously. Modern medicine exists last 60-70 y before people treat their helth problems natural way. But I agree that processing destroys the value. 

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