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slight chest discomfort

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Upsetting that everything was lost, but I think we will find our way back here.  Last night at one of the times I usually wake up to go to the bathroom, My chest felt kind of different, and my neck was a little bit odd feeling. Since I get paranoid about this, I took some aspirin, but then went back to sleep. I wouldn't say it was enough to be called painful even, but it was noticable. I don't know if I should call my Dr. or if it was so minor to not worry about it. Has anyone else had any thing like this while on Chemo? I just had my 5th round on this past Friday.

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I call if I'm in doubt. I always feel a bit more relaxed if I've asked the question to a doctor or nurse.  Sometimes they have me come in but most of the time an email or phone call is all it takes.

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I had all kinds of weird pains and twinges when I was on chemo: sharp stabbing muscle pains, random aches, inexplicable itching, etc. Stuff would come out of nowhere in ways that I've never experienced before, or since. I think our bodies know that we're injecting poision in them when we have chemo, and you get some reactions...or at least that's what I told myself.

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Me too. Those stabbing pains, or relatively brief throbbing pains, not only hurt, but made me feel a little crazy. Thank goodness for online cancer communities so we know it's real. Doctors in general don't do a good job of believing us beyond the stuff they're taught to worry about or can do something about.

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Me too. I had all kinds of weird sensations and pains that came and went, randomly, some were brief, some last hours, some were just "weird feelings in my chest." One time I was really weirded out by a tightness in my chest that didn't go away and I called the nurse on duty at the infusion center. She had me come in and it turned out to be nothing. But my husband was happy someone took a look at me so we could both sleep that night!

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February 13, my anxiety increases in direct proportion. I also have had osteoarthritis for 25 years with three surgeries, so I am used to having many aches and pains, but I had the new shingles vaccination 4 weeks ago, and have had lingering joint pain, plus a pain in my right lower back that has been with me for the past week. Three months post last chemo. So aches and pains come and go! I will mention them to my doc when I see them. 



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I have almost constant acid reflux (which can cause chest pain), and tons of migratory abdominal and pelvic pains, and chest pain.  And of course we all worry that anything could be a sign of disease progression or recurrence!  Since we're really not supposed to give medical advice, all I can say is call your doctor.

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Yes I too experienced weird chest discomfort after chemo that would come and go. However now that it is 6 months since my last IV chemo I haven't had any more strange feelings in my chest. I saw  a new PCP for the first time yesterday and stupidly mentioned the weird chest stuff and of course she then wanted me to do a cardiovascular work up  even though I don't have any cardic risk factors!!! I am fairly healthy other than the bone mets so I said sorry I mentioned it and if it happens again then we can do a work up....  But like zsazsa1 mentioned if a symptom is causing you concern best to check in with doc and get their advice. 

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