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A suggestion to the moderators regarding the data loss

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As you can see there have been a few posts expressing discomfort with the the situation and the lack of information. My past experience of such situations is that up front detailed transparancy about the what and why of a problem actually staves off more complaints and bad PR in the ling run than being vague or not providing information.

So that being said, could we have an update on:

What happened

Why it happened

What impact it had (especially was any data at risk of theft?)

What action if any we need to take (changing passwords etc?)

What has been done to prevent it happening again

Many thanks


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I'm hearing crickets as the response to your request of the Moderators.

Max Former Hodg...
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Moderators here respond in only two manners:

(1) Suppression of views; (2) crickets



Georges Calvez
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Crunchy crickets in deep fried tempura batter with a hint of curry?

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