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2nd opinion for thyroid cancer

Hello, has anyone gone to cancer treatment centers of America for a 2nd opinion? After a diagnosis of papillary thyroid cancer I am waiting to see my endocrinologist for follow up a month after surgery. Waiting is the worst. 

How do yall cope with the emotional side of cancer? I am a giant wreck  emotionally. 




  • Glover.rochelle1@gmail.com
    [email protected] Member Posts: 1
    In same situation

    I think it is all emotional torment. I am moving from Moffitt to md Anderson. My dr said if I was his wife that is where I would be. Besides I was told by my nurse st Moffitt that my Endo is too boomed to talk to me! And all I wanted was some advice about my treatment! I was diagnosed with TCV which is a rare cancer cell that does not respond well to radioactive iodine. And wanted to discuss other options. Just scared and afraid. No comfort at Moffitt.


  • webteach51
    webteach51 Member Posts: 10
    Looking for someone with Follicular or Hurthle Cell Carcinoma

    Just reaching out for support and information from anyone who has been diagnosed/treated for folliculary thyroid cancer, as mine is the Hurthle Cell variant. It is more aggressive and behaves differently and I am looking for surgeon recommendations and any person(s) who has been through this to see how they are doing now.