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Some positive news!

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I've been on Votrient since February of this year, and just had my latest scans and follow up with the doc. No new growth or progression! I was more anxious this time around than usual - probably because of the reduced dose I was on for two weeks while on vacation. It felt like a weight lifted off of me today. My "spousal equivalent" is going out of town next week for work. Last time she did that, I needed my cousin  to come out and "babysit" me. This time, in addition to good scans, I'm managing the side effects much better to the point that I'm going to hang solo for a week - just the dogs and me. I'm grateful for this group and for all of you. I've learned so much here and have truly benefited from the support we all give to one and other. And now, I'll celebrate the good news with some of "Colorado's finest!" Be well my friends and let's keep supporting each other!


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Greeat to hear the progress.



icemantoo  a/k/a Garry

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...It was a steak.Wink


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I don't drink anymore. It doesn't play well with Votrient, so... 

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So glad to hear your upbeat news. Like Jerry says " having a high time, living the good life". Enjoy your me time you have earned it.

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... I know... 

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Canadian Sandy
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Happy for the good news. Enjoy that Colorado’s finest.

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Party on you deserve it !!!!!

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Good news!

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That is great, Gary! What dose of Votrient are you on now? My 86 year old mother has been on 200 mgs. since 2012. Was stage4 RRC.  She has been NED with Votrient since 2013 or so. Votrient is a very powerful drug and they usually start out with the highest dose of 800. But that does is not always needed and since the side affects can be strong it was a good idea to go lower. So, if it gets to the point you can't tolerate the side affects, don't go off the drug. Just keep going to the lowest point where you still get results!  All the best!

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We started at 800, but I couldn't tolerate the side effects. Still was having it bad until they added pantoprazole, which has helped the GI SEs signicantly. Glad your mom is doing so well! Definitely encouraging to read that. 

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we have all been so worried about you

but glad to hear the plan is working 

i know you have had major life shifts but great to hear the news is going all your ways

peace and love


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Great news

I'm very happy for you

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