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Hey, guys,

Very cool to see so many of you doing so well.  I've been absent, only popping in here and there over the last couple years.  To be honest, a lot of things have fallen by the wayside (but in a good way).  Our son has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum and is still nonverbal at 3 years old.  He's a great kid, but we've doing therapies and doctors about 10 hours a week.  In addition, I took a new job 2 years ago and I've been working to get promoted (going to happen soon), so life has been crazy, crazy, crazy.  

But it occurred to me that this is important, too.  I recently was given the "all clear" for another year which makes 4 years NED.  For those who don't remember or are new, my rundown is: 

pT1a, 2.8cm, Fuhrman Grade 2, conventional clear cell RCC, robotic radical left neph on October 21, 2014, NED since. 

I've been fine, physically, since then.  But with our "heads down" in work both literally and figuratively, we lose sight of the important things.  And I find talking to people on this board important.  So I will endeavor to make more time for doing so. 

Again, glad to see so many of you are doing well. 

- Jason 


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    Not only

    are you back, but I see you are helping me with the newbies as well.





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    Nice to hear from you Jason

    Nice to hear from you Jason and Congrats on the NED :)

    Sounds like a lot has been going on with life, best wishes for you and your family. Hope we will hear from yu more often!

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    Great to see you, Jason. Glad

    Great to see you, Jason. Glad you got an "all clear." Way to go! All the best to you and family. 

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    Welcome back

    So happy for you NED status-continued good health-June

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    Cancer sucks

    As we all know.  But a NED is even better.  Glad job is going well and son's Dx is not easy.  Let's hope he'll be high functioning.  A friend's son (age 29) is a challenge but such a sweetheart.

    Hang in there and welcome back.


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    Welcome back

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the update.  Life does get busy, but we've got to remember the gift cancer has given us...truely understanding how precious life AND time is.  I hope to hear more from you, Jason--take care!


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    Thanks for checking-in..

    Thanks for checking-in...gives those of us who are early-on in this journey hope and optimism for the future.

    Happy that you've remained NED and wish you continued good health!


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    Congrats on NED! Congrats on

    Congrats on NED! Congrats on life.  Seems like you have a lot of great things going on. My 5 yr old is also on the spectrum so I understand all the appts with speech therapy, occupational therapy etc.. My son is pretty high functioning but his speech was a bit delayed to. My friend has a son who is 4 and is starting to say some words. Well, good luck with everything! Cheers to NED!


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    Hello Jason,

    Hello Jason,

    very glad to see you are doing fine health-wise.

    About son's diagnosis  -  I've heard these special therapies work wonders, and wish he will be high functional. Timely diagnosis and therapies are keys to success.

    Good luck,