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Should I be concerned?

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I had an ultrasound a year ago, and a more recent one due to ongoing 'constant' mild period type pains, and intermittent sharp pains both lower left/right pelvic, abdominal bloating and nausea.  After researching I am a little worried that my doctor doesn't think there is anything that requires additional tests, am I right to be concerned or overreacting?  I am 52 and both times where mid-period.

Results where as follows (1 year ago first, then recent)

Uterus: Arcuate uterus measuring 10cmx4.7cmx6.7cm Transverse / 11.4cmx5.3cmx7.1cm

Endometrium 11mm / 13mm

Uterus volume 224.61ml (this was only noted on more recent one last week.


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are you still menstruating regularly?
My endometrium thickness was 5 mm when I was diagnosed at 60 years old. I was post menopausal so 5mm was borderline for a woman in that stage
Pain is something to be concerned but the most important symptoms after menopause are pinkish or brownish spotting, discharge, gross bleeding, clear runny discharge, sticky feeling when you wipe, etc. 
You can always request an endometrial biopsy
Let us know :)

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I am still menstruating and has been very heavy (after an 8-month break which is why I had the first ultrasound a year ago but this is all still ongoing).  I have been having clear discharge that is very sticky between periods (and quite gross) occasional brown spotting but not overly amounts.

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I wiill just tell you what happened to me. It was new years eve almost 3 years ago. That i had about two inch blood clots.  Lots of them.  I just laid in bed because they were so bad for a few days. This was very unusual for my period to be like that.  I have had painful periods alot of my life and a few blood clots here and there. I went to the doctors because i was concerned it would happen again.  I had know idea that it was a symtom of cancer. But i tell people now if you have unusual bleeding to get it checked out. That what i had learned from my research. I was 43 and never thought i could get this cancer so young. I was so glad my primary doctor took things as seriously as she did. I had a biopsy done which found the cancer. Many people here will tell you a DNC is the test that is the most accurate. Best of luck


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Thanks Janae, over a year ago when my periods restarted they where exactly as you have described. I do think I have to go with what I’m feeling and approach my doctor again. 

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PoolSadie, I don‘t want to alarm you but I am concerned based on what you have shared. 

Your symptoms are Not normal. 

What other labs or diagnostics has your doctor performed? 

You might want to ask your doctor specifically what they suspect your diagnosis is and what diagnostics will be done to provide you with a definitive diagnosis. How are they ruling out a gynecological cancer I wonder. 

You may want to get a second opinion. My ultrasound was normal but 3 weeks later I was diagnosed with Stage 2B endometrial cancer. So much for ultrasounds as a diagnostic tool for endometrial cancer. 


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Thanks Lori, I think I am going to ask my doctor again. Because I am now having severe urinary issues as well (needing to go very urgentl) and the ultrasound didn’t give her any concerns she thinks my symptoms (low pelvic pain, low back pain, heavy periods, bloating, urinary issues) are muscular and advised me yesterday to go for physio.  I didn’t know what to do as I feel something is not right.

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I think you might want to ask for a CA125 test.  There are other 'below the belt' cancers that cause some of your symptoms.  While a CA125 test isn't usually a good test for Uterine cancer, it usually is helpful for others.  If there is push bac,k than you might want to find yourself another doctor who is willing to get you answers - and that is key - get yourself some answers. 

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Thanks for the input, I think so too. I will go back and say I am not happy with her diagnosis of needing physio for muscular issues.  I don’t feel right and feel about 5 months pregnant (but without the joy!).

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