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6 Year NED - Ultrasounds Only?

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Just got back from the oncologist with my wife Holly who had her kidney removed (Stage 1, 2012) and another NED.  Thank God.

She only had an ultrasound this time and they said that this was SOP going forward.

Sound about right to others who have reached this milestone?



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Since year 5 I have only had US with a CT thrown in at year 10.




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Don’t know what is standard is. I’m sure it varies but........big congrats on the NED for you both!!


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We were also told that after 6 years cancer free, only a sonogram was necessary. Unfortunately we listened to that advice from our  former PCP. Year 7 mets were found on a CT that was ordered only because of a prostate infection that occurred. However, that CT showed RCC mets that had spread to my husbands spine. Our former PCP told us after 5 years there is a ZERO (and he help up his hand to show us a 0 figure) kidney cancer would re-occur. I would advise  least CTs every year or at least every other year. Just my two cents from our experience. Hope this helps.

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Bay Area Guy
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My doc said the same thing.  CT at 6 months, 12 months, then annually to year 5, then US after that.  I was told health insurance would not pay for CT’s after 5 years, but would pay for US.

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Thanks for the advice.  I will discuss with Holly.  We need to see what insurance will cover.

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I'm happy for you, Tom--and Holly!  I'm hopeful this will continue for a long, long, long time.


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Awesome News!  Congratulations

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Congratulations, my doc said he doesn't want me to expose to too much radiation. So will only do CT on year 2 and year 5. Chest X-ray and Ultrasound in between.

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I was "graduating" to ultra sound only as well until they found my mets after 6 years.  Now it's back to the CT's!

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