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Three years ago today

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Three years ago today I had my hysterectomy. I went into it thinking it was an early stage, low-grade cancer. After the complete biopsy, I was Stage II, Grade 3 UPSC. My oncologist/gynecologist thought he got it all but he didn't take any lymph node, so who knows? I consider that day, my first day of NED. I only made it through three chemos and my doctor didn't recommend radiation.

Knock-on-wood, it has not returned. While on this site and others, I have seen many wonderful women not make it. Why I have survived, I do not know but every day I am thankful for my life. Cancer changed me. I don't sweat the small stuff; and most of the time, not even the big stuff. I smile more and am a better person because of cancer. I have met the most amazing women and I am so grateful for that.

Thanks to all of you! Just having a safe place to come where you all understand, has helped me immensely and I've tried to repay you for that by being there for other women. I'm sorry I haven't been here more lately but our summer home in northern Wisconsin has no internet except through my phone and some days (and weeks) I can't even get that. We arrived back in Florida early this morning and my high-speed internet was installed this afternoon, so expect to see more of me!!  LOL



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Hugs to you and thank you for sticking with us!  Here's to a lot more years of NED!

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3 years withoutrecurrence is a big deal. May you have many more years to celebrate.

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Eldri, I pray for many more years of NED.  Thank you for all the support you give others here as well.

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You've been to hell and back and I'm so glad you are with us. I've always enjoyed your attitude, sense of humor and Lou Ann's sock monkey. It just goes to show that what we all go through on our journeys is worth it even if we're never quite the same as what we were before. Enjoy your time in Florida!

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Congratulations Eldri! Im so happy NED continues! My three years is fast approaching, too! Many, many happy years to continue!

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Three years is such a wonderful milestone for you and a sign of hope for the rest of us. Thanks for your continuing presence here.

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Congratulations Eldri on your 3 year anniversary! Enjoy the Florida life as you continue to “dance with NED”. May you continue to have joy, peace and light in your life. Safe travels!



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How wonderful! Enjoy your anniversary in beautiful Florida!

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Great need!   Makes me smile!  



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Great news! Time to celebrate!

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Hi Eldri, congratulations on your three-year anniversary of dancing with NED!!  That's a great milestone.  Hope you enjoy your time in Florida.  Glad you've now got your high-speed internet connection, so we'll be waiting for you to take an occasional break from dancing to check in with us. 

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May you be through with this monster forever!  

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Im glad you are here too. Three years is a good number.

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Great to hear from you, Eldri. I'm glad that you'll now have better internet access and we'll hear from you more, especially now that you're an old timer on the Board. You've given me, and everyone else, so much and I am greedy enough to want lots more of you for years to come. May you NED status  live long and prosper! 

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Great news!

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Congratulations on three years NED.  It gets a little less stressful as each year passes by.



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TC58, when I went to the doctor in July my A1c was 5.5 and she mentioned taking me off Metformin. I told her absolutely not! If I have to suck LifeSavers to get that BG up, I will. I truly believe it's one of the reasons my UPSC has not returned.  She took me off my Simvastatin and Lisinopril because my cholesterol and blood pressure had finally returned to normal after chemo really screwed it up. 



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I am with you 100 percent.  Next week will be four years since the D&C that diagnosed me
and I still remain NED after having multiple metastases show up two months after my surgery.

I also believe the metformin has kept me totally cancer free. My A1C was recently 5.6 though it
dropped as low as 5.2. I don't plan to get off the metformin.

I am not on a statin but I use a supplement called red yeast rice. It supposedly contains one of
the ingredients in statins. The doctor that brought me to remission said it made the metformin
work better. I use a brand called Choleast by Thorne. I've heard that it is believed that
if you use both metformin and a statin you will never get cancer.  Don't know if that is true but so
far so good.  I'll stick with the supplement.  My cholesterol has also never been lower in my life.
I had also read a study awhile ago that said metformin may also help to lower cholesterol.

I've watched other women take this drug who have other advanced cancers go into remission as
well.   It definitely works for certain people.




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