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It's Flu Shot Season

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Just a reminder to all.  If your Oncologist thinks it's safe for you to get yours, do so ASAP, as it takes 2 weeks for it to be effective.  The "old wives tale" about getting a flue shot and coming down with the flue is just that, a tale. The person had already been exposed; or contracted another variant of what was out there.  You have a sore arm for a day or so.  Hubby and I got ours last wee

Side note on my grandson who went on a study tour in Australia.  If any one wants to dive the Great Barrier Reef, look for his every-day glasses.  They took a swim while he was looking down. 

A Nippy 41 degrees this morning and now it's 65 and sunny.  Indian Summer on the Oreogn Coast.

Hugs to all,


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I envy you! It's still in the 90s in Florida and I'm so done with it. Had the flu shot and also the pneumonia one. It was great having both arms sore for 3 days lol. 

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Your right Donna on getting a flu shot. Got the flu once and realized real quick I want to try and avoid this. On a side note, make sure the person administering it knows what they are doing. My wife got the shot in the Allergists office by office staff. They hit a nerve. My wife was in pain for over 6 months in the neck and shoulder area. After several Dr vists, rehab, and immflamatories an Orthopedic Surgeon from CAT scan and X rays saw the damage 3 months after the shot. He said that she had to wait out the pain as that was the best option. We had no idea until we looked up Injection nerve damage. She scheduled an appoint with her GP and wants her to give the shot though she is really hesitant.I think the Northeast has gotten your rain...haven't seen the sun in days. I could become a mushroom farmer there are so many on my lawn!

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They want me to have a shingles vax next. 

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I got Flu type A two weeks before my nephrectomy this year. NOT FUN! And I never get sick. I'm guessing the stress may have contributed some... It's been a beautiful fall in OR though hasn't it :) I'm in the Willamette Valley! 


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