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Just found out i have a 5cm mass on my right lung...Nervous As

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Hi to all

Ive just found out i have a 5cm tumor on my right lung.

This is the 3rd time i have been diagnosed with cancer and quite scared this time.

The first time was in 2016 with left kidney cancer (kidney was removed)

12 mths later tonsil cancer which was treated with radiation and chemo and supposedly all cleared.

And just a few days ago i was told there is a tumor on my right lung , I have a pain in my upper right arm/shoulder area and have been coughing a bit , Sometimes a little blood.

im yet to have a biopsy done (waiting on hospital to call me) , I have to admit im quite scared this time.

im just lost for words at the moment...3rd time !!!

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Not that it is fair you may be facing this a third time, but you are one strong person. Have hope. My husband had a tumor 7 cm across and 2 lymph nodes involved in his lung and was given 8 months to live - staged 3b. That was over 4 years ago and he has been cancer free 4 years as of August. You know how to kick some butt obviously - do it again.

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